• Geoff Scully

I Hate When That Happens...

This short, AP article highlights the dangers of grabbing your golf clubs and heading out for the lynx...

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With G L Scully Co. the focus is on the customer. If it's a septic issue, I personally take the time to explain the details, whether it's an initial investigation or a scaled drawing of proposed work. I listen to what you know about your property, to your concerns about proposed septic work, and to your budget limitations. Also, if you need need help with a gravel driveway or a curtain drain, or have a question about drainage or your leaching area, I am happy to be of service and answer your questions. I can deliver crushed stone, sand, fill and topsoil in small of large quantities to your home. Based in Trumbull 06611, we have satisfied customers in surrounding towns like Easton 06612, Monroe 06468, and Fairfield 06824 - including Greenfield Hill and Southport 06890. We work in Darien 06820 and Norwalk 06854, including the Silvermine area 06850. Also, Wilton 06897 and New Canaan 06840, as well as Redding 06896, Newtown 06470, Shelton 06484 and Stratford 06614. Actually, after getting to know my customers while working at their homes, many have become true friends who I look forward to seeing, or running into at the grocery store. ...Which is a nice bonus for me, not measurable in dollars.

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