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An Off-Topic Blog

Updated: May 19, 2019

The idea behind starting this blog is not just to improve my "SEO", or Search Engine Optimization. That requires me to write about my business using as many "key words" as possible, such as - bear with me - septic repair, leaching field, gravel driveways - you get the idea. They say search engines "crawl the web" and notice the words, observant creatures that they are. That helps direct traffic to your website by making it more visible when people search for such things. But in this blog I want to share the kind of "tasty morsels" that fascinate me, or amuse me, or that I think you might want to know about, or that cause me to pause in contemplation. I will try hard not to bore you. But no doubt there will be subjects I care about that you don't. Viva la difference! Yesterday I read an interview with Charles Grodin, actor, comedian, and author, in the Wall Street Journal (4/26/19). He told how he'd hooked up with a New York novelist he'd apparently never met by appearing on the Tonight Show in Hollywood during the '80's: "Thinking back to Pittsburgh, I was lucky. My family lived near the zoo. In bed, I'd make up jokes just before the hyenas laughed. When I told Johnny Carson the story on the "Tonight Show" in the early '80's, novelist Elissa Durwood was watching in New York." "Elissa fell in love. She interviewed me for a film magazine. After the interview, I asked her to marry me. Without hesitation she said yes." I was never a huge Charles Grodin fan. Now I am. - Geoff Scully 4/27/19


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